Social Officers

The Social Officers oversee the organisation, publication and operation of social events of law school. Their main goal is that every event is inclusive, accessible, and of a high quality. These events are important as they contribute to maintaining AULSS’ culture, foster friendships and ensure that students spend some valuable time out of the library. Featured below are short descriptions of a few traditional social events held by AULSS. However, 2020 promises some new additions to the social calendar so keep your eyes peeled!​


Steins are arguably the most notorious events at law school. These are a traditional feature on the AULSS social calendar, occurring three times a year, boasting a range of creative themes and quality venues. Previous venues have included; Shed 10, The Cloud, Roxy, and other large bars in the city. With drink specials and odd guest performers, you do not want to miss these parties! PS, free entry for AULSS members.

Part II Law Camp

Inaugurated in 2008, Part II Law Camp is an event like no other. With a long (and at times isolating) degree, the friendships made on this camp are definitely the most valuable commodity to come out of it. At the beginning of each academic year, the new Part II students are encouraged to attend Law Camp. The camaraderie cultivated on this camp will outlast the length of your law degree! Older students attend the camp as leaders. This facilitates inter-year group bonding which can be hard to attain during the year without sharing any classes. With a range of team building challenges and sports, accompanied with evening social activities, attendance at this event is highly encouraged for new Part IIs!

Law Ball

The Law Ball is the most extravagant event of the year. The ball committee (maintained by AULSS) works tirelessly to create an event that is unforgettable for all attendees. The event includes pre- dinner drinks, a three-course meal, live music, and an after-ball party. The sell out status of the law ball every year is a testament to its popularity and constant success- so don’t wait to get your tickets!

Cocktail Party

The Garden Party is a classy and elegant cocktail evening held at the end of summer each year. This event is restricted to members and their partners, which allows for an intimate setting to facilitate networking and socialising opportunities with partners of various firms.

Leavers Dinner

As the year draws to a close, AULSS hosts the Leavers Dinner. This allows final year students to enjoy a night with classmates and lecturers who shaped their experience at Auckland Law School. It is a lovely way to honour the end of many years spent slaving away in the library! An event that we can all look forward to!