Education Vice Presidents

The role of the Educational Vice Presidents is to provide ongoing support to students’ high achievement both within Law School as well as more widely in the profession. There are a number of events currently facilitated by the EVPs for this purpose but it is also our job to recognise any gaps in the current support.

Kensington Swan Mentoring Programme

This provides an opportunity to integrate new Part II law students with the older, more experienced law students. New students who have opted into the programme will be paired up with another student who will then provide support to the student through guiding them through any queries they may have. The introductory evening itself provides also provides an opportunity to meet partners at Kensington Swan as well as become better acquainted with the corporate culture. The programme is beneficial socially as well as academically.

Study Series

Pre test and exam workshops are provided for Public, Criminal, Torts, Contract, Land and Equity. These are taken by students who scored highly in their respective paper and cover a range of topics from how to prepare for that exam to what kinds of questions frequently recur.

When and where: TBA during semester