Hey guys I’m Natalie , one half our sports officer for 2019/2020. This year we’re responsible for redesigning the traditional fixture  Log’O’Wood, and generating a supportive culture behind our Law Lions!


To achieve this we’re working on getting a mighty Law Lions mascot to help create hype and put an iconic face to law schools sporting reputation. We are also hoping to open interfaculty accessibility by posting more often and creating a support club.


Ultimately we want to continue the good work done by previous leaders and continue to make the law sporting scene avallibe and welcoming to everyone,




My name is Maria and I am one of your Sports Officers for 2020! I’m in my third year of my LLB/BA majoring in Psychology and Criminology. 


Our role in AULSS  is to gather up our talented students to represent the mighty Law Lions in the 

Interfaculty Sports Championship, Unim8’s and other cross faculty sporting events. Our goal this year is to develop a stronger sporting community within the law school and build a greater support team/network to back our Law Lions!


If you have any questions or feedback (we’re always open to it) we’d love to hear from you! Just flick us an email at sports.aulss@gmail.com


Wishing you all the best at law school and don’t forget to keep it sporty.