Hey everyone! My Name is Amy Gibson and I am your secretary for 2020. 


I am currently in my third year of a law and arts conjoint, sometimes loving it but sometimes counting down till graduation. However, at all times I have found myself thinking AULSS and the events they offer have played a vital part of my enjoyment at Law school. My best advice would be to get fully involved with what university and being a law student has to offer as this time of your life is limited!


My role as secretary involves a lot of admin work which aligns with my love of planners and highlighters. Keeping you guys in the loop and working with all the other portfolios to ensure the small things aren’t missed is my focus for the year.  


If at any time you have any questions or suggestions flick me an email @ secretary.aulss@gmail and I’ll be in touch 


Have the best year and I’m excited to see you all at our events