George: Hi. As part of the media office for 2020 I’ll be taking care mostly of the design and layout aspects of Verbatim, as well as heading design work for merchandise and various marketing resources. This year I’m focusing on equity and following up on the cultural shift more and more people seem to agree Law needs. I’ll be lending my scrutiny to the way that our content represents AULSS and its members to the outside world.

Emily: Hi there. I’m Emily and I’m one half of the dynamic duo that constitutes your media officers for 2020! Now in my fourth year of my law and music conjoint, I’m grateful for the opportunity to mould students’ time while here. While law school is hectic it’s important to take time out and unwind; I’m passionate about making sure wellbeing and mental health is properly catered for.

As your media officers, George and I are responsible for the publication of Verbatim as well as the management of AULSS’ social media accounts (@aucklandlawschool for all you social media fiends). 

 I’m focused on the admin portion of the role: if you have a fresh and funky idea for Verbatim you can email me at We’d love to hear from you!