My name is Vanessa Falcunitin and I am one of the Educational Vice Presidents this year. I am a third-year law student alongside my Arts degree majoring in Politics and Economics. My work involves ensuring that part 1 and 2 students are well-taken care of. I am sort of the voice for the younger law students.  We do this through running wellbeing events, tutoring workshops and advocating directly with staff and other officers to make sure that classes and assessments are well facilitated. Our main goal is to maintain a good relationship with the faculty while meeting the students’ needs. 


(Lauren) As Education Vice President I’m here to support part 3 and 4 students in their studies. I work with Vanessa to provide you guys with wellbeing events and study workshops. We also meet directly with the faculty to relay student feedback. My personal goal for the year is to increase support for students from lower socio-economic backgrounds succeed in their degrees.