My name is Arvin and I am delighted to be one of your Equity Officers for this year! I am entering my sixth (!) year of uni, having now firmly decided on pursuing a conjoint LLB and Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Sociology. Law School has been a hectic time but I’ve come to feel at home here. From my experience, I can say that the more you get involved with, the more you will get out of your time at the Law School. I encourage all new students to look after one another and to make use of the support systems made available – starting with your Equity Officers!


Ko Morgan toku ingoa. I am super excited to introduce myself as one of your Equity Officers for 2020! This year is my last year of a History and Law (Hons) degree (woo!) After four years at Law School, I am proud of our vibrant and diverse community. Like Arvin, I encourage you all to get amongst the opportunities that Law School has to offer. I have met incredible people at Law School events and through participating in different clubs. I hope that in my role as Equity Officer I can help to make your law degree exciting and meaningful.

In a nutshell, our role involves us advocating for and representing your best interests at Law School. Our overarching aim is to create the best possible environment at Law School for all students to thrive in. We assist in mediating any disputes that may arise between groups and/or students. We work to ensure the AULSS Executive take into account appropriate and equitable considerations when making decisions. For this purpose, the Equity Officers have speaking rights at AULSS meetings.


We also chair Equity Council meetings. At these meetings we aim to foster collaboration between equity groups and resolve any prevalent matters the groups raise about Law School. The meetings provide a chance for groups to draw upon one another’s experience and expertise in order to better address those equity concerns together. The meetings also help us as Equity Officers by increasing our understanding of the specific equity issues that are unique to each of the groups. These meetings help us gauge how to best advocate for students (you all!)


The Equity Council was established towards the end of 2018 by the AULSS executive, the Equity Office, as well as the directors and presidents of Te Rākau Ture (TRT), Pacific Islands Law Students Association (PILSA), Rainbow Law (RL) and Women In Law (WIL). These six stakeholders are permanent members and enjoy speaking and voting rights at Council meetings. Other Equity groups seeking to join the council can do so by lodging an application.


If you are uncomfortable with approaching AULSS or other student groups about an issue, we are here for you! Feel free to get in touch with us with any questions or concerns at: