The Executive

An unpaid executive elected each year during Semester 2 manages the society. Their responsibilities involve the facilitation of communication between the student body, the Faculty of Law and The Davis Law Library. The ultimate aim is to make the Faculty of Law a better place for students. Students should not hesitate to approach executive officers with their concerns.


AULSS plays an important role in ensuring that our members receive sufficient and comprehensive support in their academic endeavours. Throughout the year various seminars are presented by top achieving students from previous years where they share their tips and tricks. This is just one of the many ways in which AULSS enhances education at Law School.


AULSS hosts many competitions for law students to enter every year. This is a great chance to learn the skills you will need in practice, or to learn to apply the law in a way that is more practical than writing an exam. Winners of these competitions have the opportunity to compete against other New Zealand law schools; if they are successful on the national stage, then they may compete


Socialising is an integral part of the law school experience. As a result, we run social events that are, unique for their approach, notorious for their atmosphere and memorable for their activities. These include BBQs, the infamous Law Ball, part II camp and many other events. The importance of social events cannot be over-estimated.


Verbatim is the magazine put out by AULSS for law students. The magazine features updates on Faculty of Law competitions and events, and each issue is packed with photos from steins, BBQs, and other social events. Verbatim publishes (almost!) anything and is always looking for contributors.


The most recent additions to the Auckland University sporting calendar are the University-organised Interfaculty Tournaments. The tournaments include the John Drake Memorial Rugby Tournament, the T20 Cricket Tournament, Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments, Men’s and Women’s Soccer Tournaments and a Netball tournament.